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4/4/13 by sandwich-eater
Updated 4/16/13

The last post I made was about how I made a short and that it would be on newgrounds if I could ever publish it.

Well it happened.

Do I hold the unofficial world record for longest time under judgement in the NG portal?
It's currently UJ and was uploaded on March 13. That's like 22 days. But I dunno, I could be way off that prestigious title.

So I guess I'm doing NATA again this year. That should be fun. Hoping to make it past novice round. I wanna do the NG ad contest as well, and I have another animation that I gots to do. Busy busy!

Busy procrastinating that is.


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Damn, was it really UJ for that long?

Your survey entry: 78

6/17/13 sandwich-eater responds:

Yeah technically. It was removed then re-released later, but kept the original upload date.

Cool! I didn't think you were going to post it.

Nice, I didn't know you could do that. I should submit something right away and then unpublish it and republish it in a year or so.. and hope they don't do something about the initial upload date in the meantime. For now I guess that is a record. :)

Fun stuff btw, will leave a review in a min. Also busy procrastinating. :P Good luck with NATA!



What the fuck? Impossibru boy that's definitely a bug, should probably PM Tom. There's no way nobody voted on that.

4/4/13 sandwich-eater responds:

It was up for like 30 minutes but the video wasn't working so Tom unpublished it. So it's been sitting there unpublished with it's original release date for 22 days.

All the best for NATA!

4/4/13 sandwich-eater responds: